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Xiatech specialises in integrating systems, creating a real-time single view of data (customer, inventory, product, sales) and advanced insights, analytics and dashboards. Xfuze, the world’s pioneering Hyper-Integration Platform, uniquely features a Digital Integration Hub and ready-to-use AI-driven Retail Insights for Marketing, Digital, Supply Chain, Stores, Merchandising and Finance teams. Xiatech turbocharges legacy systems, unlocks value from data and accelerates business transformation.

Xiatech has developed the only complete cloud-native Hyper-Integration Platform that dynamically connects systems, unifies data sources, and provides continuous real-time insights and intelligence across retailers.  

Successful retailers are those that can move with speed and agility. For these reasons, Xiatech, and its AI-enabled Hyper-Integration Platform, is chosen by digital leaders around the world, such as Flying Tiger Copenhagen, REISS, G-Star RAW, Fitflop, Db Journey and others to radically accelerate time-to-insight and business transformation, as well as extend the value of legacy technology investments.