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IoT will greatly improve our lives by connecting various objects and information to networks. But can IoT evolve while still relying on cloud systems?
The growing number of IoT devices increases the data processing load in the cloud, creating six challenges: vast amounts of data; privacy risks; data transmission latency, processing and analysis; high power consumption; service continuity; and security maintenance. How to resolve these?
Sony will showcase a new edge AI sensing platform service, AITRIOS™, which makes it possible to develop optimal systems where the edge and cloud work together. We aim to contribute to new value creation and problem solving across industries.
AITRIOS brings together a development environment, a marketplace, cloud-based services, and other elements a developer might need to create solutions in a single powerful platform.
In AITRIOS, by configuring sensors optimized for edge AI, Sony, the leader in image sensors enables solutions with both reliability and high performance. The one-stop platform offers tools and an environment that facilitate installation in a range of systems, including application and software development.