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shopreme helps brick & mortar retailers excel in the digital age and create outstanding customer experiences – not queues.

Our industry-leading Scan & Go technology makes mobile self-checkout and payment quick, easy, and secure. Customers benefit from shopping lists, personalized recommendations, support of all common payment methods, and much more.

With native white-label apps for Android and iOS, an instant access web client, and a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) for seamless integration in existing apps, we have the right solution for every use case. To round off the in-store customer journey, we also offer a dedicated exit solution for Scan & Go customers, where they complete the checkout and have the option to pay by card.

Our international customers work across retail sectors and use shopreme to optimize business processes, increase sales, and realize value-added services such as customer loyalty programs.

Satisfied shopreme customers include:
Auchan, REWE, BILLA Austria, PENNY Deutschland, Douglas GmbH, Dirk Rossmann GmbH, XXXLutz Group subsidiaries Möbelix & Mömax, and many other retail groups.

Press Releases

REWE Scan & Go Is Now Powered by shopreme

REWE has been offering Mobile Self-Checkout since 2019, testing different providers and solutions. Now, Scan & Go is being standardized on the solution of the Austrian provider shopreme.

Scan & Go – Advantages and Use

Customers benefit from Scan & Go by saving time during the checkout and having easy access to shopping cart pre-calculation, additional product information, and integrated services such as PAYBACK and coupons.

ROSSMANN integrates the shopreme SDK into its ROSSMANN-Appe

On 4th of August, 2021, ROSSMANN launched Scan & Go with the use of shopreme. This involves integrating the self-scanning solution directly as an SDK into the existing ROSSMANN app, which already has a very high penetration among its customers. Tests are being conducted in selected stores in order to prepare for a nationwide rollout after the proof-of-concept.


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shopreme Scan & Go

shopreme is the go-to Scan & Go solution for brick-and-mortar retailers, allowing customers to scan products with their smartphone and pay in the app. Retailers can display personalized recommendations in the store and get a new channel for retail media.
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shopreme vector - Scan & Go Exit Solution

The first Scan & Go optimized retail hardware is here: shopreme vector efficiently guides Scan & Go customers through the checkout and protects your business against shrinkage.