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Product data is what we’re passionate about. We empower manufacturers, distributors, brands and retailers to create amazing product experiences that drive revenue growth. Pimberly is the platform for all your product data and digital assets.


A centralized hub that enables you to create that vital golden record for all product information. Have total confidence in the quality and accuracy of your product data to ensure your customers are always getting the best possible experience.


Gather, store, enrich, and distribute everything to unlimited sales channels from one place. Pimberly is an innovative, cloud-based, SaaS PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), and Workflow platform. It’s designed to handle unlimited numbers of SKUs, data feeds, and channels for leading brands and businesses

Perfect for retailers looking to excel and grow their eCommerce operations. The scalability of the Pimberly platform means there are no barriers to growth.

Transform the way you manage product data and achieve eCommerce excellence with the Pimberly PIM and #TeamBlue💙


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Pimberly SaaS PIM/DAM Platform

Pimberly is the world's most powerful Product Information and Digital Asset Management system. We help leading manufacturers, distributors, brands and retailers to accelerate their online growth.
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Pimberly - Automated Product Spec & Sell Sheets

This Pimberly’s add-on module provides you with an automated solution to keeping your Product Data Sheets & Sizing Charts always up to date. Streamline how you operate and develop a consistent approach to providing product information to your customers.
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Pimberly - Catalog

Pimberly’s add on module – Pimberly Catalog is an automated solution for creating, publishing, and editing your catalogs quickly and easily. Save you and your teams time and money by managing either part or the whole process of catalog production.
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Pimberly - Customer Portal

Pimberly's add-on module Customer Portal streamlines how you distribute enriched product data, assets, and documents to your external customers, and suppliers. As well as removing the requirement for pushing excel and images around internal departments
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Pimberly is the world's most powerful SaaS Product Information Management & Digital Asset Management platform built for manufacturers, brands, distributors & retailers.

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