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parcelLab reimagines the post-purchase customer experience to realize its full potential, enabling brands to meaningfully connect with customers following a purchase - from order delivery to return. Customer experience that’s predictive and personalized requires one post-purchase platform that’s fully integrated into existing tech stacks to give brands end-to-end visibility into their last-mile logistics.

parcelLab enables brands to build journeys, not single touchpoints. And harness the power of data through wide-scale visibility of data across need-to-know teams, like CS. Working hand-in-hand, the parcelCrew is dedicated to ongoing, consultative partnership.

Differentiate your CX with a PPX platform that’s flexible and fully customized to your goals. Ensure strong customer retention through consistent moments of authentic customer delight. Automate, personalize, predict and engage to drive repeat purchases, decrease “where is my order” inquires, increase reviews with smart post-purchase.


Post-Purchase Communications

Deliver proactive, engaging post-purchase communications from order to delivery to returns across preferred channels.

Order Status Page

No compromises on customer experience. Reduce service costs. Get more conversions.

Customer Service Hub

Help your agents deliver better customer service with a central hub for all order details, shipping status updates and communications.

Logistics Reporting

Find out where you fall short of customer promises and make improvements for a better post-purchase customer experience.