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StockBot: the autonomous robot for daily inventory-tracking and data collection

Have your stock located and gather in-store intelligence

Using RFID or cameras, StockBot accurately locates each product in store as frequently as you want. This is key to outstanding store management; improving your restocking system, developing money-mapping strategies and for taking better data-driven decisions. StockBot generates data that meets your needs and seamlessly integrates with your systems.

Start working without any store modifications – a single initial set-up is all that StockBot needs and the robot adapts to different sized spaces automatically. Stockbot navigates safely in changing spaces and with people around, even if the shop is open. Collect data at any time with StockBot.

Keep it on track

PAL Robotics' mission is to enhance people’s quality of life through service robotics and automation technologies. Since 2004, we have designed and manufactured highly integrated and reliable solutions for service industries and research institutions. We have solutions that are used worldwide for industry, logistics, service and retail.

Press Releases

Decathlon chooses PAL Robotics’ StockBot to deploy across stores worldwide

In the world of retail automation, it is clear that many store managers are still lacking the tools to provide the best possible service and experience to their customers. In addition, management is not always aware of the complete picture in order to be able to implement changes and improvements to in-store operations.


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The robot automates daily inventory tracking and provides data to inform decisions. Also provides accurate stock information to smartly manage stores, such as a 3D map with the product’s location and access to applications such as out-of-stock situations.