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Kiosk Association (KMA)
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Kiosk Manufacturer Association or KMA works to improve self-service engagement & outcomes for customers via kiosks, digital signage, lockers, digital menus, drive-thru order, outdoor line-busting tablets, outdoor menu boards, facial payment, Contactless POS, No-Touch, Antibacterial, AI , robotics, ADA consulting, software & service. We educate & inform on regulations such as ADA, Section 508, WCAG, PCI DSS, HIPAA & UL (indoor & outdoor). KMA is a Participating Organization with PCI SSC for Cardholder Activated Terminals or CATs.  In ADA, we meet with U.S. Access Board twice a year & have been featured presenters at U.S. Access Board public webinars.  Emerging technology is robotic delivery, ghost kitchen, EV Charging Stations and Eco-Friendly self-service technology. Custom & standard solutions.

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Contactless Touch Interface POS - KioWare

Featured will be a demo of Contactless Desktop station which includes the latest generation Ingenico devices along with accessible "tactile" devices. Managing transactions via any number of contactless methods. All in an ADA-compliant platform.
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Grocery Self Checkout Pyramid Computer

Polytouch® Nano SCO and its unique mix 'n' match concept provides you with what you need: The self-checkout kiosk is not a standard off-the-shelf product, it rather offers maximum modularity to meet the respective market conditions on site.
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Customer Accessibility ala McDonalds & Marriott

See technology demo of latest in accessibility using Storm-Interface assistive tech (AudioPad as used in McDonalds, Marriott and Southwest Airlines). Included is a Vispero screen reader demonstration
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Retail Software Customer Engagement - Nanonation

Whether you need an enterprise class digital signage CMS or a single interactive screen, we have a library of
solutions to fit your needs. While off-the-shelf solutions work of many of our customers, custom is also in
our comfort zone.