Digital Wave Technology

Digital Wave Technology
Digital Wave Technology
Booth # 4262
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
United States

Accelerate omnichannel sales and productivity with Digital Wave Technology! With cutting-edge enterprise AI solutions, we offer a single source of truth, unifying the entire product journey from item creation, product management, advertising, merchandising, and syndication.

Using low-code, AI-based MACH architecture, the platform allows for quick expansion of Digital Wave’s already existing portfolio of integrated solutions including PIM/PXM, Planning, Lifecycle price optimization, and AI/Generative AI apps to automate content & image generation.

Capabilities include:

  • Rapid product onboarding across all channels, accelerating speed-to-market.
  • Automatically categorize, tag, and enrich product data to enhance visibility.
  • Instantly create SEO and conversion-optimized product descriptions, boosting sales.
  • Summarize customer reviews to infuse positive sentiment into product copy.
  • Optimize pricing, promotions, and markdowns to improve profitability.
  • Generate ad campaigns in moments, saving time & money.


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Maestro AI

Leverage GenAI for swift product copy generation, enhanced product attribute enrichment, seamless infusion of positive review sentiments, comprehensive Voice of the Customer review analysis for valuable insights, and rapid advertising campaign creation.
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Product Information Management (PIM)

Discover unmatched flexibility with our PIM and PXM solutions. Centralize data governance, adapt to channel requirements, reduce errors, and leverage advanced AI for seamless multi-channel management. Industry's finest solution!
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Price, Promotional, and Markdown Optimization

Enhance pricing strategy with our AI-driven Lifecycle Pricing solution for omnichannel retail. Real-time insights, automated recommendations, proactive pricing, and a 4-10% increase in gross margin dollars!
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Maestro AI Advertising

Revolutionize marketing with AI-driven Advertising Campaigns! Personalized, cost-effective, and lightning-fast campaigns are generated in seconds. Boost creativity, cut costs, and drive brand loyalty. Visit Booth #4262 for a live demo!

Enterprise AI Platform

Digital Wave Technology offers a robust platform for AI-driven enterprise applications. Create database-driven apps with ease, harness low code functionality, and connect to any database structure. Explore the possibilities at Booth #4262.