Chargeback Gurus

Chargeback Gurus
Chargeback Gurus
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McKinney, TX
United States

Chargeback Gurus provides end-to-end consumer transaction dispute management to leading brands around the world.


Our team of experts deliver comprehensive chargeback solutions that prevent and recover a high percentage of chargebacks, while reducing the merchant's exposure to fraud.

As trusted advisors to Visa, American Express and the Fortune 500, we are recognized for our expertise in chargeback data analytics that prevent future chargebacks.


Chargeback Gurus has helped merchants recover over $1.5 Billion in lost revenue, and proactively prevent 50% of credit card disputes. Let the Gurus build a comprehensive chargeback management solution tailored to your business. 


Reach out to or stop by our booth (#659) for a free consultation with our solution experts!