SpeedSize AI Delivery

Ensure every user, device and browser gets the fastest and sharpest media files in the best format, no matter where they are in the world. SpeedSize uses Amazon Cloudfront AWS, the CDN with the fastest delivery and most failsafes.

When an image or video file is viewed by a visitor, the SpeedSize™️ AI-algorithm optimizes the media files on your website. This can be done at scale, no matter how many relevant images or videos your website contains. The media will be replaced with faster loading, identical-looking media files, perfectly resized for up to 50 different screen resolutions, to match the user's device and browser with our Global Edge CDN. The algorithm automatically chooses the closest data center to the visitor, out of 400+ points around the world, for the most efficient routing and the fastest delivery. The result: faster-loading user experience, reduced CDN usage & costs.