Self-Service Returns Kiosk

Automated returns kiosks let customers spend less time standing in lines waiting to physically return purchases, and more time in store shopping.

Currently deployed in retailers across the country, the retail returns kiosk is poised to lead the digital transformation in retail. In partnership with Doddle and Inmar, KIOSK is offering a market-ready returns solution to add customer convenience and drive in-store foot traffic. It provides an automated platform to free up retail associates and reduce returns overhead. This proven returns solution is a unique and timely self-service option with enormous benefit to both consumers and retailers.

Automated Returns Kiosks enable Retailers to:

  • Drive substantial additional footfall into store, improving secondary sales opportunities. 
  • Reduce line time for customers, for added convenience and more time to shop
  • Increase insight via data capture into who is returning, what is coming back, and why
  • Reduce staff overhead and help resolve staffing shortages tied to over-the-counter returns
  • Reassure customers of return success with simple customer journey and digital receipts
  • Create positive brand associations: easy-to-use tech solves a frustrating problem

Retail operators should also see this as an opportunity to drive footfall, better understand customer returns behavior, capture returns data, and streamline operations.