Pricing & Promotions Suite

Markdown and Promotions apply AI models to your inventory, transaction, and pricing data, taking into account business targets and constraints, to give you SKU-level markdown or promotion suggestions for any location or channel.

Markdown and Promotions are two applications built on Peak, an AI platform for growth and efficiency. The applications use price elasticity and forecasting models to measure a product’s change in demand in relation to a hypothetical change in its price, giving you SKU-level recommendations based on the metrics you want to maximize. You can increase sell through, clear stock, boost profits and reduce manual decision-making time. Retailers around the world invest more than $1 trillion in their markdown programs (BCG). Stop leaving profit on the table and out-of-season inventory in the stockroom. It’s time to add AI and optimize your markdown.

Features include:

  • Ingest data from multiple sources
  • Understand all drivers of demand
  • Configure guardrails specific to your business, for example exit prices, price rounding, product versioning, and broken size runs
  • Explore different markdown and promotional scenarios
  • View markdown and promotion suggestions by product
  • Plan for different scenarios
  • Navigate multi-channel complexity