JRNI Events

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JRNI Events is an event booking and management solution that facilitates one-to-many engagements, driving increased velocity-to-revenue.

Deliver one-to-many personalized engagements that increase revenue and profitability, build stronger customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty - at scale. On the customer side, JRNI Events offers booking journeys that are customizable for any brand’s look and feel and conversion-optimized to make it easy for quick registration. On the staff side, JRNI’s user-friendly and intuitive event management tool makes it easy for staff to oversee crucial aspects of events, from managing ticketing to adding/removing attendees to broadcasting virtually. 

Get more meaningful engagements by integrating your events into your appointment strategy. JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation removes the manual follow ups while increasing customer engagement, conversion rates and LCV while giving your staff more time to create meaningful experiences for your customers.

  • Manage events of all sizes both in-person and virtually

  • Event registration journeys are customizable for any brand’s look and feel

  • Conversion-optimized user flows that make it easy for customers to quickly register for an event or purchase a ticket

  • Includes an event management staff tool for managing ticketing and adding/removing attendees

  • Automated reminders keep attendees updated and reduce no-show rates