ID Scanning

Anyline ID scanning solution securely captures data from a range of ID types from around the world.
Anyline has leveraged its extensive computer vision and machine learning expertise to develop an enterprise ID scanning solution. Anyline ID scanning captures data from a range of ID types including passports, identity cards, visas, drivers licenses, US green cards and European health insurance cards. The ID scanner reads latin, arabic and cyrillic scripts and recognizes IDs from territories around the world including Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Africa. Information can be captured visually from IDs as well as via an MRZ (machine readable zone) or via an RFID tag. All scanned data is processed and stored completely offline, ensuring that personal information remains secure. Features such as automatic ID type recognition and composite scanning make the solution easy to use without requiring manual configuration. Sophisticated machine learning models with real-world conditioning give Anyline the advantage when it comes to scanning damaged or partially obscured IDs. Anyline ID scanning solution is available for integration into native mobile apps and web apps to suit the needs of all types of users.