Customer Intelligence Suite

Build highly relevant segments, based on attributes, preferences and behaviors so you can create personalized communications - that are triggered for a meaningful reason.

Audiences is part of Peak, the AI platform built for growth and efficiency. Audiences provides a detailed view of your customers by applying AI models to transaction, customer,
product, web, email and metadata. Helping you acquire customers and drive growth and retention of existing customers. The application uses AI models to predict a variety of customer behaviors so you can understand your current customers in depth, create lookalike audiences, uncover hidden trends and apply granular targeting.

  • Ingest data from multiple sources, including transactions, customer interactions, inventory and product data
  • Create a centralized intelligence, factoring in actions such as abandoned baskets, products added to basket, search queries, pages viewed and more
  • Determine churn risk, in-market propensity, lifetime value, product preferences and next transaction window
  • Create customer segments that are updated in real-time
  • Split your customers using key metrics
  • Create lookalike audiences built to drive acquisition at the lower posssible cost
  • Use your segments across channels