Syrup Tech, Inc.

Syrup Tech, Inc.
Syrup Tech, Inc.
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Estimates indicate stale inventory is costing the US retail industry $50 billion a year. That’s why we built Syrup, an AI-powered predictive software that recommends inventory decisions to eliminate unnecessary markdowns and excess inventory that often ends up in landfills.  


Syrup takes the guesswork out of planning and allocation. We help increase sell-through by 10%, in-stock rates by 15% and reduce on hand inventory levels by 25%. By leveraging powerful algorithms and real-time data, we empower merchandising and planning teams to make smarter, faster decisions on allocation, ordering, and planning recommendations.


We're helping many fast-growing brands such as Faherty, Reformation, and Desigual to sell more items at full price, while avoiding stockouts and holding less inventory. Our eventual hope is to reduce waste and improve sustainability within the retail industry by empowering inventory excellence at every step in the value chain through an intelligent platform.


Here is what our customers have to say: “What used to take me 8 hours per week, now takes me less than 20 minutes. It’s unbelievable” – Merchandiser, HIRMER