SUNLUX IOT Technology (Guangdong) Inc.

SUNLUX IOT Technology (Guangdong) Inc.
SUNLUX IOT Technology (Guangdong) Inc.
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SUNLUX, a listed company as barcode scanner manufacturer in China, is always dedicated to manufacture all kinds of barcode scanners, including 1D/2D/CCD handheld, handfree, omnidirectional, wireless, industrial barcode scanner (barcode reader), as well as OEM scanner modules.  More than10 years of manufacturing experience, proprietary intellectual property rights, 100% hardware and software design and a strong technical team ensure us to offer qualified and stable scanners to the market. Its products are widely used in commerce, industry, taxation, transportation, finance, warehouse, health care and postal sectors.

From 2020, Sunlux has been focused on developing electronic shelf label hardware and software. Sunlux electronic shelf label products had been released at the start of 2023 and welcome by customers from different industries. The retail area is the main applications area of electronic label. At present, ESL system is mainly used in leading retail enterprises, supermarkets, chains, stores and fresh category.

Press Releases

Wireless code scanning guns liberate labor and promote the development of intelligent warehousing

With the rapid development of the logistics industry and the advancement of intelligent trends, wireless code scanning guns, as an important intelligent warehousing equipment, are gradually entering the field of warehousing. Wireless code scanning guns have liberated labor and promoted the intelligent development of the warehousing industry by improving work efficiency and reducing manual errors.


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LCD signage

Liquid-crystal display (LCD) is aming to help retailers to show the current product price to the customer.
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Electronic shelf label

ESL tag modules use electronic paper (E-paper) to show the current product price to the customer.
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Barcode scanner

many types of barcode decoding
more convenient to use
stronger decoding performance
richer application areas
suitable for catering, retail,
transportation, medical and health, industrial manufacturing and other fields.