Solum America Inc.

Solum America Inc.
Booth # 5757
Ridgefield Park, NJ
United States

SOLUM, formally a Samsung company, is a leader in the ESL industry with over ten years of experience, innovation and development of Electronic Shelf Labels utilizing e-paper. SOLUM has been an independent company from Samsung since 2015 with three division’s: Electronic Shelf Labels, Power Modules, and ICT for B2B companies.

SOLUM has over 45 years of heritage in production and innovation with our products.

SOLUM’s ESL is used by retail leaders such as Macy’s in the United States, REWE in Germany, and Loblaws and The Beer Store in Canada.

Currently with the largest ESL deployment to date in North America SOLUM’s product innovation, quality, and customization capability has made us a world market leader for Electronic Shelf Labels.

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Newton is a fast, interactive, and durable electronic shelf label that’s designed for the needs of modern retailers. With built-in NFC capability and multifunctional buttons, Newton simplifies workflows while delivering a better shopping experience.
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Newton TOUCH

Newton TOUCH by SOLUM redefines ESLs with an interactive screen showcasing diverse content like videos, photos, and menus, revolutionizing the retail experience.
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Trace streamlines asset tracking through durable barcode sticker labels and coin tags, enabling automated processes like inspections and maintenance while providing detailed item-specific information like location and status.