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Sesami is the only true end-to-end global cash ecosystem solution, offering software, intelligent devices and managed services that help financial institutions and consumer businesses optimize their cash ecosystem performance.

These solutions include advisory, business intelligence, and analytics; a comprehensive and customizable software suite for tracking, forecasting, and data aggregation; managed product maintenance, cash ecosystem services, and processing services delivered by best-in-class third-party cash operators wherever our clients operate; and leading intelligent cash automation and security device options, including Tidel, Gunnebo Cash Management, ARCA and Planfocus solutions.

As the industry leader and disruptor, Sesami can modernize the essential role of cash in the global economy and ensure financial inclusion for all.

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SafePay RC5000

SafePay RC5000 automates and secures cash in a controlled cash system from POS to back office through CIT and bank deposit. Add efficiency, security and visibility to your cash in a safer environment for cashiers and faster service for customers.

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Tidel D4

Easy to use and service, the Tidel D4 adapts to many environments and changing needs. With up to two bill validators to double speed and redundancy and multiple vault options, it offers flexibility in size and application.
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Sallen D6

Enjoy peak performance with the Sallen D6 high-capacity deposit safes. Tailored for larger retailers, this high-speed range adapts to the needs and pace of cash-heavy environments to elevate efficiency and security.
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Tidel R1800

Tidel R1800 offers exceptional performance and customization in a compact design. Ideal for various organizations aiming to optimize in-store labor, cut fees, and enhance cash management. Seamlessly integrates as a back-office cash recycler.
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Tidel D3

The Tidel D3 delivers security and auditability in a user-friendly solution. With a choice of note validator type and cassette size, it is ideal for small to midsize retailers seeking quick deployment of cash automation.