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Retail Insight is the only technology solution focused solely on helping retailers and their CPG partners achieve the full potential from every store. We call this 'shelf actualization'.

Our tools dramatically improve sales and profitability, operational efficiency, and productivity. We ruthlessly simplify action through data-driven insight which frees our clients up to serve and sell to their customers.

All of our solutions are enabled by a unique blend of retail expertise, mathematical talent, and engineering skill - this combination ensures that we are established as a partner of choice throughout the retail ecosystem.

As retail faces an unprecedented time of change and challenge, we will help them execute with excellence through the use of our technology.

Press Releases

Retail Insight expands collaboration with Kroger

Retail Insight expands collaboration with Kroger to support retailer’s commitment to innovation and being in-stock and fresh

Retail Insight, a leading provider of store-focused retail analytics solutions, has expanded its collaboration with Kroger, America’s largest grocery retailer, featuring more than 2,700 stores and 465,000 associates, to support the grocer’s commitment to being in-stock and fresh both in-store and online.

Asda teams up with Retail Insight to transform in-store replenishment

Supermarket chain Asda is redesigning its entire suite of in-store replenishment processes and applications as part of its business transformation strategy and has commissioned the leader in retail execution, Retail Insight, to build the solutions.

Initially, five applications will be developed to run on store managers' and colleagues’ hand-held devices, enabling them to better manage in-store replenishment more accurately. The five apps will cover Availability Alerts, Stock Picking, Stock Binning, Gap Scanning, and Bin Auditing.


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Enables dynamic price reductions on expiring products, reducing wastage and maximizing sales
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Provides alerts when products are not available for sale, directing stores to fix tactically and Head Office to fix systemically
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Supporting in-store teams by aligning key business metrics and providing insights to improve department-level sales performance according to store processes
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Enables CPG firms to manage sales and field sales execution to drive compliance, sales, and profitability
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Provides a full view of a CPG’s trading P&L, modeling all items, investments, and promotions to inform joint business planning