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Quorso is the only app you need to run an Agile Store.


It turns all your data and tasks into personalized next-best-actions (Missions) for each store, motivating teams and driving rapid results.


Store and District Manager workload is up 30% (more data, more tasks, more SOPs, more omnichannel responsibilities). They have too much information to process so can't figure out the most impactful issues to focus on, resulting in lost sales, increased waste, decreased CSAT, etc.

54% say they are overwhelmed and churn is at a record high (60%), but Quorso makes work simple and motivating for Managers. Prioritized Missions, real-time performance tracking, constant coaching, collective learning and individual improvement visibility re-engage burnt out teams and deliver rapid impact.


We are already working with some of the largest store networks in the world, including 3 of the top 20 global retailers, and 40,000+ stores are using Quorso Missions to save time, reduce stress and drive continuous improvement. To learn more get in touch (contact@quorso.com) or visit us at Booth 42 in the Innovation Lab!