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Orquest was born from a conviction: in retail, every interaction counts. However, making it always the best is no easy task. Our mission is to make it happen. 


How? By placing the right employee, in the right place, at the right time. 


Orquest creates the most optimal AI-powered, demand-driven retail store scheduling, responding to your specific operational needs, unleashing the strengths of frontline employees and driving seamless customer interactions. 


Orquest was born in 2016 to solve the scheduling challenges faced by McDonald's Spain restaurants. Its successful results led it, in 2019, to become a fully integrated workforce scheduling solution for the entire retail sector.


We understand the business model in depth and deal with its complexity. We already do this for major brands such as McDonalds or Inditex.


Our goal is to make the complex easy, streamlining operations, empowering employees and making every retail interaction count.

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Through Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, Orquest accurately forecasts real-time store demand to create the most optimized workforce scheduling that meets the retail's operational needs, employee requests and skill set, and customer expectations.
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Anticipate your staffing needs with a hiring plan that adjusts to each store's reality, simulating different scenarios, avoiding under- or over-coverage, and making onboarding processes easier.
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Orquest App

Employees can check their shifts and scheduling updates, request changes and preferences, ask for permissions and track their own activity.
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KPIs Tracking

Put your data to work. Track each store's key indicators and make data-driven decisions.