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o9 Solutions, Inc.
o9 Solutions, Inc.
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o9 enables enterprises to make better, faster decisions at scale with one seamless AI-powered planning, analytics, and data platform: the o9 Digital Brain. With our platform, global enterprises across industries are empowered with fast, integrated, and intelligent planning and decision-making capabilities that help them achieve their financial and sustainability goals. Supported by our global ecosystem of partners, our innovative building-block approach to implementation helps companies achieve both quick time-to-value and a sustainable, long-term transformation. The o9 Digital Brain is the platform every enterprise needs to make better, faster decisions in the digital age. https://o9solutions.com/nrf/


Merchandising & Assortment Planning

o9's Digital Brain for Retail allows retailers to build customer centric merchandize plans, to align go-to-market strategies and initiatives across the organization and to create hyper-localized assortments that ensure profitable growth.

Control Tower

o9's Digital Brain for Retail enables retailers to identify supply chain risks early, diagnose their potential impact, prescribe corrective actions, and assess their cost/benefit tradeoffs.

Forecasting & Replenishment

o9's Digital Brain for Retail enables accurate omnichannel demand forecasting using AI/ML and leverages those forecasts to efficiently replenish omnichannel fulfillment locations to ensure high service levels and reduce waste and obsolescence.

Capacity & Flow Planning

o9's Digital Brain for Retail provides the ability to match prioritized demand with supply capacity to arrive at constrained supply plans and address capacity bottlenecks to deliver operational efficiency and high-service levels.