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KOAMTAC, Inc., headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, produces a signature line of lightweight, ergonomic Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, SmartSled® barcode scanners, RFID readers, mPOS, and enterprise charging solutions. Through unique patented designs, all KOAMTAC products provide consumers with durable and enhanced data collection and power solutions. All products are universally compatible across current technology platforms and offer seamless use with iOS®, Android®, Mac®, Tizen®, and Windows®-based devices.

The KDC80, KDC180, KDC185, KDC280, and KDC380 are the most compact and lightest programmable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi companion barcode and RFID readers with a display on the market today. The KDC480 and KDC485 series are modular designed SmartSled scanners for single-handed utility and include companions for RFID and payment. The KDC500 and SLED-mPOS are PCI-certified EMV/MSR/Barcode/NFC Mobile POS (mPOS) companions. KOAMTAC power solutions include extended battery and charging cradles for Samsung B2B smartphones and tablets. 

Through powerful global partnerships, KOAMTAC delivers a diverse product portfolio.

Press Releases

KOAMTAC Debuts Newest Mini Bluetooth Wearable Barcode Scanner, the KDC185


KOAMTAC® Inc., a leading manufacturer of Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, RFID Sleds, mPOS solutions, and enterprise charging solutions, has launched a mini wearable Bluetooth barcode scanner named the KDC185. The KDC185 offers the same great benefits as the KDC180 but in a smaller package.


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The KDC185 is a mini wearable Bluetooth barcode scanner small enough and light enough to be worn on a single finger or on a KOAMTAC Safety Glove. It features BLE 5.0, an OLED display, and a removable battery.
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SKXPro SmartSled

The SKXPro is made exclusively for Samsung’s Galaxy XCover Pro and is a fully integrated case solution with an IP67-rating. It features a best-in-class scan engine and direct connection via OTG for fast data transfer and the ability for fast charging.
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KDC480 & KDC485 SmartSled

The KDC480/485 is an IP65-rated sled scanner that offers wide companion availability. The KDC480/485 connects to your smart device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for easy pairing and data transfers. The KDC480/485 features a field-replaceable battery.
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Easily add magnetic stripe and IC card reading capabilities to your KDC and SKX SmartSled Scanners. The SLED-MSRIC reader supports popular MSR and IC standards while supporting the latest encryption methods.