KICTeam, Inc.

KICTeam, Inc.
Booth # 1712
Auburn, ME
United States

KICTeam designs, manufactures, and sells innovative cleaning solutions for electronic technology for industries including: banks and credits unions, convenience store & specialty retail, grocery and big box retail, QSR & restaurant, gaming & lottery, ticketing & vending, and others.  We work with over 50 OEMs worldwide to gain expert knowledge of their devices and develop the precision cleaning solutions that help maintain and improve the operational performance and lifespan of their equipment.

KIC's cleaning products are designed for ATMs, credit card readers, check scanners & readers, bill/note validators, cash acceptors & recyclers, kiosks and self-service stations, point of sale (POS) systems, smart safes, and thermal receipt and label printers. We also have amazing cleaning solutions for touchscreens and hard surfaces in general.

We also do private label.

We're located in Booth 1712 on Level 1. Stop by to meet the KIC'sters and learn just how easy it is to keep electronic technology operating at peak performance and even improve its lifespan. Our products protect your equipment and your customers' investment.

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CrystalVu Touchscreen Cleaner w/ Microfiber Cloths

CrystalVu™ is daily cleaner that is used to safely clean and restore touchscreens. This gentle streak-free formula will effectively remove dirt, oils & greasy smudges without harming sensitive touchscreens or protective coatings. NSF tested & certified.
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Waffletechnology® for Card Readers w/ MiracleMagic

Waffletechnology® for Card Readers delivers superior cleaning resulting in significant reduction in failed transaction/fallback rates, expensive service calls and device downtime. Designed particularly for the fuel station and gas pump industries.
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Waffletechnology for 3-1/8″ Thermal Label Printers

Waffletechnology® for Thermal Label Printers has a cleaning card with an extra-long profile paired with a powerful ripple scrubbing surface to deliver a hassle-free, extensive cleaning in just seconds. Requires no special training to use.