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Invafresh is the leader of freshology TM  with its unified, AI-enhanced, fresh food retail platform to process and manage demand forecasting across fresh food retail, merchandising, replenishment, and compliancy and sustainability.  

For over 30 years, Invafresh has empowered fresh food retailers to create extraordinary store operations and differentiated consumer experiences and is deployed in over 25,000 grocery stores with a global reach of 15 countries. 

Invafresh's fresh-native, fully modular platform combines augmented human intuition with the power of ML to provide item-level forecasts to accurately replenish, plan production, manage inventory and recipes, and meet regulatory compliance. As a result, grocers accelerate the transition to fresher demand and supply to drive growth and consumer engagement.  

We are here to inspire the world to think forward and think fresh. One fresh food experience and operation at the time contribute to a fresher, healthier, safer, and sustainable lifestyle for grocers and consumers alike. 

Press Releases

Automated Fresh Ordering Q&A with Giant Eagle

“Delivering the freshest products for consumers for on-shelf availability 24 hours after harvest.” Giant Eagle talks about the ins and outs (and benefits) of automated fresh ordering.

Coborn’s expands partnership with Invafresh for fresh food merchandising and replenishment

Invafresh, the market leader of Freshology for the fresh food retail industry has expanded its partnership with Coborn’s to optimize fresh food operations across their grocery banners. Coborn’s, a leading Midwest grocer celebrating its 100th year, selected Invafresh’s Fresh Food Retail Platform for its merchandising and replenishment solutions to improve in-store performance, enhance consumer loyalty and brand, and drive profitability and sustainability.

Invafresh Technology Helps The Fresh Market Provide the Freshest Food to Guests

US Specialty Grocery Chain The Fresh Market has chosen Invafresh's Automated Fresh Ordering solutions to boost fresh foods operations and quality.

Specialty grocer The Fresh Market is known for their high quality fresh meats, produce, prepared foods, and baked goods. To help ensure the freshest food is always available, The Fresh Market, Inc. has chosen Invafresh’s Systems Corp. (Invafresh) fresh ordering software solution which allows for the automated replenishment of fresh food products across its 159 stores.


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Demand Forecasting

AI enhanced fresh demand forecasting engine for live, accurate and granular forecasts from individual store and by item to corporate level.
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Recipe Management

Centrally managed recipe database solution for product cost and quality control.
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Scale Management

Instant, centrally managed, scale agnostic and user-friendly solution to manage all price and product information in scales.
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Inventory Management

A solution to manage all perpetual inventory movement including markdowns, production, conversions and cycle counts powered by a forecasting engine that provides demand predictions further from the rest.
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Food Waste Reduction

Solution used to match fresh food demand and supply to reduce waste and unnecessary produce, markdowns and promotions that are toxic to fresh.