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Invafresh is transforming fresh food retail operations with the only centralized platform solution designed specifically for the perimeter store. Currently trusted by over 350 grocery retailers across 35 countries, our Fresh Retail Platform has a proven record of helping grocery retailers navigate the unpredictability of Fresh.

Our cloud-based Fresh Retail Platform leverages real-time data analytics and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enable grocery retailers to seamlessly enhance their operations, optimizing critical areas such as demand forecasting, merchandising, and replenishment.

Beyond enhancing operational efficiency, our platform is committed to sustainability and the crucial mission of reducing food waste, achieving an impressive 40% reduction for our clients. Additionally, it drives a significant 20% increase in revenue through discount optimization, ensuring enhanced profitability across fresh food retail operations.

Press Releases

Strack & Van Til Accelerating Fresh Food Optimization with Invafresh

Toronto, ON, May 31, 2023– Invafresh, the industry standard for fresh food retail operations, announced today that Strack & Van Til has selected Invafresh’s world-class architecture to optimize the fresh food operations of the Indiana-based chain, including produce, meat, deli, and dairy.


Demand Forecasting

A Fresh-centric AI-enhanced forecast engine that understands future demand and considers the unique elements of fresh movement from time sensitivity, short shelf-life, promotional and seasonal activity, and cannibalization.

Recipe Management

Create, store, and manage recipes for retail products produced in your store, all in one place.

Scale Management

Scale Management provides the ability to manage weigh scale devices and networks within grocery operations as well as send and retrieve scale specific data needed for successful fresh grocery operations where weigh scales are required.

Inventory Management

The solution has the ability maintain perpetual inventory through the tracking and consumption of all inventory-affecting in-store transactions for all in-scope items used for production planning and ordering recommendations generated by the platform

Food Waste Prevention

Accurate fresh-centric data capture to identify systematic known loss and tackle excess shrink with just-in-time production processes.