Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions
Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions
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Online or in-store, it’s all the same to consumers, or at least they expect it to be.

Today’s retailers are faced with rapidly changing customer behaviors, including an unceasing demand for seamless and error-free services.

At Honeywell we’ve developed retail solutions to combine people, assets and merchandise in powerful ways, from the distribution center to the storefront. Our proven expertise, fulfillment systems, robotics, hardware, software and support services are all backed by a powerful data engine.

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) provides products, software and connected solutions that improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers globally. We deliver industry-leading mobile devices, software, cloud technology and automation solutions, the broadest range of personal protective equipment and gas detection technology, and custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls.

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Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence helps companies optimize associate performance, processes, and workflows by analyzing data collected in real-time from the IT assets used by their mobile workforce, allowing companies to mitigate disruptions before they happen.

Smart Talk

Honeywell Smart Talk is a unified workforce communications solution that tackles the problem of fragmented team member communications, with enterprise-grade secure voice calling, text and media messaging, all on a handheld computer.

Guided Work

Honeywell Guided Work takes the paper and screens that slow down operational processes and replaces them with voice-guided workflows. The technology enables teams to work more efficiently with fewer errors and greater safety - for businesses of any size.