GK Software USA, Inc.

GK Software USA, Inc.
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With over 400,000 store platform and payment installations in more than 65 countries, GK Software is an international leader in store solutions. GK’s state-of-the-art technology provides retailers with solutions that simplify their operations and enable them to better serve their customers across all retail formats.

The core is CLOUD4RETAIL GK’s comprehensive retail platform that supports the most important services for unified commerce and empower retailers with native services that connect their stores with a seamless omnichannel process. From mobile customer loyalty to mobile store merchandise management, AI-enabled personalization and more, the modern, open and quickly expandable unified cloud platform is ready to do it all.

The CLOUD4RETAIL platform delivers a comprehensive set of services packages for the orchestration of all business processes in a true Omni-Channel environment. The OmniPOS services package powered by CLOUD4RETAIL for instance delivers all processes in the store. This enables consistent processes, uniform data management and clear communication structures. It avoid isolated applications and reduce service costs.



CLOUD4RETAIL - A comprehensive retail platform for unified commerce. The feature-rich open platform offering unrivaled time-to-market at scale, from mobile customer loyalty to mobile store merchandise management, AI-enabled personalization and more.


OmniPOS – A highly flexible platform providing real time omnichannel retailing services across all touchpoints in the enterprise.


TransAction+ – A payment processing application that integrates a variety of point-of-sale systems to a wide range of payment authorization, reducing transaction time and cost while increasing security.

GK Drive

GK Drive – POS that delivers an EMV-compliant, fully functional and flexible fuel infrastructure that's integrated into the store enterprise on a single centralized platform.


AIR – Artificial Intelligence offers customers an extremely personal, relevant and positive shopping experience at every point of their journey. AIR provides actionable recommendations that drive competitive advantages in a highly dynamic market.