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Foresight Retail provides retailers with a sophisticated and innovative suite of merchandising solutions. From Merchandise planning to Assortment planning and Allocation, leveraging our Smart Forecasting module, it revolutionizes how planners and buyers develop and get products to their stores. Our Smart Forecasting modules provide valuable insight that cannot be replicated by history alone. It's invaluable to any retailer trying to grow their business.

Foresight Retail is leading the way in the planning software industry, with our enhanced system functionality and capabilities, as well as our unique blend of Planning and technical expertise. We are leveraging the latest technologies to bring this to our customers. Our expertise spans more than 20 years, and it is specifically focused on mechanizing planning solutions.


Merchandise, Item and Location planning

Whether you’re planning at the banner level or down to item planning, the performance will astonish you. Layer in our forecasting module and it gives you the flexibility and foresight which will help you achieve and maximize your business goals and ROI.

Assortment Planning

Leveraging on our Smart Forecasting engine, Foresight Retail provides quantifiable insights to the merchandising team that ties back to the financial targets, all without the cumbersome tasks involved in the traditional Assortment planning solutions.

Allocation and Replenishment

Our Machine Learning powered Allocation and replenishment module will get your merchandise at the correct location at the right time, ensuring your best presentation and sales goals are achieved and most of all, customer satisfaction.


Accelerate is an out-of-the-box pre-configured version of our modules to ease with
Adopting this approach enables our clients to deploy the solution rapidly and start to gain the
benefits and Return on Investment quickly.