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Are you overselling and canceling orders? Frustrating your customers? Paying for ads that lead to out of stock products? Losing sales because you are underselling? Getting too many order status support calls? Sounds like you're struggling with accurate, near real-time inventory availability. Sound familiar?


Like many retailers, you've probably extended your commerce platform and ERP to fix this issue. But it's just not working.


To keep up with today's omnichannel demand, top retailers like ALDO, Breitling, JD Sports, L'Oreal, Prada and LVMH know they need a distributed order management system to provide accurate inventory availability to all sales channels. Why? So they can reduce overselling, underselling, canceled orders and lost sales. Deliver faster—for less. And get the digital agility their business needs to thrive.


That’s why they selected Fluent Order Management from Fluent Commerce. It’s the flexible, scalable distributed order management platform designed for market leaders, like you. Start improving your CX today. Learn more at fluentcommerce.com