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DeSL is a market leader in sustainability and digital transformation solutions including integrated end-to-end PLM software for the fashion, apparel, textile, footwear, and retail sectors. Offering a wide range of software solutions delivering functionality across the complete supply chain as critical tools for today’s progressive and forward thinking companies. Modular design provides flexibility and scalability to leverage digital technologies from SMB to enterprise level businesses. Tailored to fit the demands of teams with scalable, easy to learn, cloud based implementations. Choose from different digital transformation packages designed to address specific key business processes. Harness the capabilities of feature rich fashion management technology with access to critical tools to successfully manage your supply chain. Founded and headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, in 2002, DeSL has locations in New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, and Istanbul, Turkey.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Designed to be used by all parties in the development process, the solution delivers a true web based, real time, collaborative network technology specifically aimed at reducing development timelines and increasing quality.
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Combined PLM & PO

PLM and PO Management solutions combined into a single innovative platform to deliver full control of products from initial concept to final delivery. Cloud based and designed to digitalize all core processes in the development and procurement cycles.
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3D Platform

DeSL’s Digital Platform integrates interactive 3D modeling from any 3D software provider and extends into key PLM, procurement and sales business processes.

Sustainability Accelerator Programme

A curated set of tools to propel their sustainability initiatives forward. This comprehensive set of tools provides end-to-end coverage of supply chains and is open to any company dedicated to improving their processes with sustainability in mind.
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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation software solutions to fully exploit the potential improvements by deploying a digital cloud based ecosystem covering all major business processes from product concept right through to the end consumer.