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Datascan, LP
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Datascan is a global leader in easy-to-use barcode and RFID inventory counting solutions for world-class retailers in more than 42 countries. Our fit-for-purpose scanners and best-in-class tracking software allow our clients to achieve accurate, on-demand physical inventory counts in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

With a fleet of 125,000 scanners and strategic partnerships around the world, we support over 100,000 counts annually in a wide variety of retail environments, including fashion and sports apparel, jewelry, home décor, sporting goods, hardware, big-box and department stores, auto dealerships and quick service restaurants.

Press Releases

DATASCAN launches DART SMART, an analytics tool for retailers to improve their inventory counting processes and accuracy

Carrollton, Texas | April 8, 2022

Contract Datascan, LP has announced the release of a new product, DART Smart, which will complement the current suite of DART tools for retailers worldwide as they seek more value from their inventory counts. 

DART Smart is a visual analytics tool designed to deliver actionable insights around optimizing count performance and inventory accuracy. It can be used to analyze a single inventory count or track performance over multiple physical inventory counts including cycle and category counts.