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TDX Tech


TDX Tech
Booth # 1424
Bloomington, MN
United States

TDX Tech is a leading provider of IT-related on-site support, technology services, and hardware solutions for retailers and other multi-site businesses throughout the world.  Our unique ability to provide sophisticated turn-key IT solutions allows our global team of over 15,000 technicians to execute projects and services with precision, using our proprietary project-management systems and methodologies.

TDX Tech partners with IT teams to deliver full-spectrum technology solutions, including on-site services and support, system staging and configuration, new store rollouts, and a full suite of scalable hardware and maintenance programs.

TDX Tech also provides clients access to our proprietary, real-time asset-tracking and project management tool, WebTrax™. The robust web-based solution provides users with real-time data, comprehensive reporting, customized "quick-stats,"​ and is uniquely configured for each client's asset and project-management needs.

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