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Vadim Grinberg

Vadim Grinberg

VP, Consumer Growth and Insight
Dagne Dover
Vadim is Dagne Dover’s VP of Consumer Growth and Insight. He leads all business intelligence and advertising, and is responsible for aligning the company’s goals and processes.

Vadim’s experience has contributed to his success in growing Dagne Dover’s online presence, social media following, and customer retention. Prior to Dagne, Vadim spent 7 years at Kantar Worldpanel working with brands in the personal care and beverage industries on survey analysis, data insight, brand building, and strategy.

Speaking in:

Tuesday Jan 15
2:00 - 2:30 PM
Stage 6, EXPO Hall, Level 3
Gathering all the data in one place. Analyzing the data for useful insights. Putting those insights into action across all your marketing channels. It’s a big undertaking but one that can make or break your brand in today’s retail... Read more