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Tomas Stocksén

Tomas Stocksén

Immersive Tech Lead
Tomas Stocksén is H&M Group’s immersive tech business lead for 3D/AR/VR/MR where he drives the strategic roadmap and different initiatives in utilizing immersive technology to redefine the fashion future of H&M. Tomas has been 14 years at H&M in different managerial positions and previously been Head of Business IT at H&M Production where his team helped with the interface between design/purchasing functions and the manufacturing suppliers globally.

The last three years, Tomas has been driving initiatives targeting improvements of creativity, lead time and efficiency with help of 3D digital twins, VR in education and establishing the Redesign Lab at H&M utilizing Augmented Reality and On-demand textile printing.

Prior to H&M, Tomas has been working with tech in the airline industry at SAS, in the financial industry at SEB and during the era at Projector New Media.

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Sunday Jan 12
11:15 - 11:45 AM
Kustomer Stage, Hall E, Level 1
In the age of ecommerce, the physical store is a place of education, aspiration and inspiration as much as a place to buy. Shoppers increasingly expect their in-store experience to be as personalized and responsive as their online one, so retailers... Read more