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Tim Woods


General Manager
Autonomous Vehicle Alliance
Tim Woods is a Founding Partner of POCO labs a Product Development and Consumer Research Company. Mr. Woods, is also the General Manager of the Autonomous Vehicle Alliance at 501C-6 collaborative research organization focused on Consumers, Business and Cities and the potential opportunities around L4 and L5 Autonomous Vehicles.

Tim is a nationally recognized consultant with over 25 years of experience, working to drive innovation and the appropriate use of technology in everyday consumer products and services. He is a respected source of information to the media and has appeared on The Science Channel, Food Network, HGTV, CNN and others as a resource to discuss the future and technology.

Speaking in:

Monday Jan 14
10:30 - 11:15 AM
Stage 2, EXPO Hall, Level 1

As our lives become more and more connected, brands are using smart technology to add meaningful value to consumers’ lives. Winning experiences are not just easy – they are effortless, personalized, and engaging. Hear from experts how...

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