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Tim Carney

Tim Carney

VP, Allocation and Replenishment
Tim Carney’s career spans nearly three decades in roles across merchandising, planning and allocation. Prior to joining Belk, he spent 16 years at Macy’s and May department stores. At Belk, Tim integrated SAS® Size Pack Optimization into the retailer’s end-to-end order process to optimize the size distribution on national and private brand fashion orders. After launch, Belk saw some of its private brands grow as much as 230 basis points over a four-year period.

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Monday Jan 13
11:45 - 12:15 PM
Stage 2, Expo, Level 1
Belk is transforming inventory precision through artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect localized customer preferences, automate assortment and allocation impact at the size level, deliver incremental revenue and margin, and enhance... Read more