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Tal Zvi Nathanel

Tal Zvi

CEO and Co-Founder
Tal Zvi Nathanel is on a mission to create the most interesting store in the world. His path to retail began after living in NYC for four years and noticing a gap between what he imagined retail should do and the often impersonal, transactional reality of the modern department store. From his perspective, the issue with the multi-brand retail environment was that it continued to place a greater focus on its own brand, making the customer’s experience an afterthought. This imbalance often prevented meaningful discovery -- a missed connection. His hypothesis found support when he was introduced to Co-Founder Amir Zwickel, who specialized in real estate development and saw an opportunity to disrupt the retail market. With SHOWFIELDS, Tal and Amir envisioned a space that would ‘flip the formula’ and create a model that was entirely focused on the consumer experience and the brand therein. More than that, SHOWFIELDS is Tal’s curiosity about the future of retail brought to life, a new way to engage with the brands of tomorrow; aiming to become the leading platform for offline discovery.