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Susan Tynan


Founder and CEO
A few years ago, Susan Tynan framed four National Parks posters. When they rang up at $1600, she funneled her sticker shock into a revolutionary idea. She felt sure that if someone made high-quality custom framing easy and affordable, people would frame a lot more - and they have. Since 2014, Tynan has grown Framebridge from the ground up.

Prior to Framebridge, Tynan held product and business development roles at several consumer technology startups including LivingSocial, Taxi Magic, and Revolution Health. She began her career at Accenture and served as a management advisor on technology and customer service for the Obama White House. Tynan is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard Business School.

Speaking in:

Monday Jan 14
10:30 - 11:15 AM
Stage 1, EXPO Hall, Level 1
Selling personalized physical goods online; choosing bricks-and-mortar partners for a digitally native brand; using technology to enhance in-person experiences that can live on through digital channels … retailers are creatively merging... Read more