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Steven Keith Platt

Steven Keith

Director and Research Fellow
Retail Analytics Council (RAC)
Steven Keith Platt is Research Director at the Retail Analytics Council, an initiative between the Medill School, Integrated Marketing Communications Department, Northwestern University and the Platt Retail Institute (PRI). He also serves as the Director and Research Fellow at the Platt Retail Institute.
The Retail Analytics Council is the leading organization focused on the study of consumer shopping behavior across retail platforms and the impact of technology. PRI is an international consulting and research firm that focuses on leveraging technology to impact the consumer experience. Central to this is building actionable data models that aid retailers and technology companies in gaining insights into their customers and operations. In addition to its global consulting expertise, PRI also publishes pioneering industry research.

Speaking in:

Monday Jan 14
1:00 - 1:30 PM
Innovation Stage, Level 4
Retail robotics is no longer the stuff of science fiction. While robots have - and continue to - transform logistical operations, they increasingly operate in the “front of the house” interacting with customers, stocking shelves and... Read more
Monday Jan 14
3:15 - 3:45 PM
Stage 5, EXPO Hall, Level 3
Delivering Content in Context is key to shaping experiential moments by delivering precise insights to consumers at the point where their interests intersect with offer discovery. Combinatorial IntelligenceTM converges artificial... Read more