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Steve Gu


Co-Founder and CEO
Steve Gu is the CEO and Co-Founder of AiFi, focusing on an enterprise retail solution that allows all stores to go checkout-free, regardless of size (from small mom-and-pop shops to huge mega-stores). Steve is an entrepreneur with Ph.D from Duke University. He is an expert in computer vision, human-device interaction, and robotics. Before founding AiFi, Steve has worked at a range of top tech companies: Canesta (acquired by Microsoft) where he worked on real-time gesture identification and avatar animation; Apple where he worked on 3D touch and the fingerprint sensor; and Google [x] working on Google Glass interactive head and eye gestures.

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Monday Jan 14
2:45 - 3:15 PM
Innovation Stage, Level 4
The move towards autonomy is on and the options are expanding daily, but what is right for your operation? This rapid-fire pitch session will help you survey the latest payment options to hit the market. Five leading startups will have five minutes... Read more