Srikanth Bollavaram

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Srikanth Bollavaram
Global Senior Director- Product Strategy & Engineering
Srikanth Bollavaram is the Global Senior Director of Product Strategy and Engineering at PepsiCo. A strong digital transformation leader with a demonstrated history of working in the transportation, financial, consumer products industry. Experienced in leading multi-million-dollar digital transformation initiatives, on diverse technology platforms, using management, technical and architecture expertise. Strong business development professional with Stanford Advanced Project Management certification, focused in executing strategic programs.

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January 16
2:00 pm2:30 pm
Expo, Level 1, Expo Stage 2
Fulfillment and distribution centers are key to providing optimal customer service in a supply chain network and for ecommerce order delivery. PepsiCo is developing digital twins combined with computer vision applications to identify congestion areas, simulate different layouts to improve throughput and accelerate order fulfillment. Join this discussion to hear how PepsiCo, HPE, and NVIDIA are… Read more