Shekar Natarajan

Shekar Natarajan
Shekar Natarajan
Quiet Platforms (a wholly-owned subsidiary of AEO Inc.)
Shekar joined AEO in 2018 to oversee AEO’s global supply chain. In November 2022, he transitioned to his current role to lead Quiet Platforms, a wholly owned subsidiary of AEO Inc. Quiet Platforms operates a collaborative supply chain platform powered by an intelligent and unified orchestration layer. The plug-and-play, open-sharing platform levels the playing field for small and midsized retailers by providing access to shared supply chain assets and relationships across every link of the chain—so Quiet Platforms’ more than 60 customers can ship less and operate more sustainably.

Prior to joining AEO, Shekar served in a variety of leadership roles across the supply chain and technology industries including Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Walt Disney Company, Walmart and Target. His 20-year career includes 70 patents, three books and recognition as a leading supply chain innovator.

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January 15
2:00 pm2:30 pm
Javits North Level 4, Elastic Path Stage
A challenging goal for any retailer, increasing speed, efficiency and sustainability while reducing cost, time and waste remains elusive for many smaller enterprises. President, Quiet Platforms (a wholly-owned subsidiary of AEO, Inc.) Shekar Natarjan, will share his insights about creating an open-source supply chain platform to help simplify retailers’ logistics and delivery networks. Join this… Read more