Sarah Scherer

Sarah Scherer
Sarah Scherer
Director, Offsite Media
Kroger Precision Marketing
Sarah Scherer serves as the Director of Offsite Media at Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), where she spearheads the design, development, and ongoing enhancements of KPM's offsite media product portfolio. In her role, Sarah leads the Offsite Media team in cultivating and expanding strategic relationships with media and ad tech partners across the diverse landscape of Programmatic Display, Online Video, Connected TV, Audio, Social, and emerging channels.

Before joining Kroger Precision Marketing, Sarah Scherer spent over six years at Goodway Group, where she played a pivotal role in developing and scaling Goodway Group’s media product portfolios. Sarah is passionate about the intersection of technology, data, and media, particularly in the dynamic realm of retail.

Speaking in:

January 13
2:20 pm3:00 pm
Javits North, Level 4
Retail media network buyers are leaning into CTV. The majority of RMN buyers -- at least 63% -- already invest in off-site display and video tactics like CTV, 15% more than other ad tactics. Topics include: the effect of the recent Netflix announcement about viewer data transparency by title on the entire CTV ecosystem, the potential of linking CTV to RMN, and the future of "integrated audiences… Read more