Russ Richardson

Russ Richardson
Executive Director
Proud to be known as the sales leader who companies call on to lead teams that sell “Solutions that no one has ever sold before” or sell "Solutions to customers we have yet to acquire/penetrate". Pioneered the development of the P.E.P.P sales growth methodology. Fearless in “Respectfully rocking the boat” to gain support, trust, and buy-in from internal stakeholders and customers alike. Devoted to sales because it’s the easiest way to keep score.

Speaking in:

January 16
1:30 pm2:00 pm
Expo, Level 1, Food Service Tech Stage
In today’s world, consumer choice and personalization have never been more critical. Customers expect to interact with brands when, where, and however they want. And as new digital touchpoints emerge – digital menus, mobile ordering, food compliance sensors, contactless payment – connectivity and security must be at the core of every restaurant’s digital transformation strategy. Join a top 10… Read more