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Rodrigo Gomez Sanchez


Executive Director
Grupo de Moda Soma
Since 2013 at Grupo Soma, Rodrigo is currently leading a business unit responsible for nearly 50% of the group´s revenues, with 5 brands under management including the well-known ANIMALE.

Rodrigo is also currently responsible for the group´s Wholesales channel and a member of the Boards of Grupo Soma and Cris Barros. Previously at Grupo Soma, Rodrigo lead the Business Improvement department and co-chaired the COO position.

Rodrigo is an Engineer from the Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires (I.T.B.A.), and holds an MBA degree from the Pittsburgh University. Before joining Grupo Soma, Rodrigo was a Management Consultant at Gradus (a Brazilian boutique firm known for its worldwide work with Ambev). During that time, Rodrigo lead engagement teams and was responsible for the Commercial Methodologies (Products Portfolio Management, Sales Management and Pricing).