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Peter Sacco


Founder and CEO
Adelante Shoe Co.
Peter was a 16-year-old surfer when he visited Latin America for the first time. Expecting paradise, he was shocked to discover poverty and social inequality on a scale he had never imagined. On subsequent trips to the region throughout college, Peter was struck by the potential of Latin America and its people, and resolved to become part of the movement that would realize its promise. Impatient for change and disillusioned with traditional development efforts that didn’t address the root of social problems, he turned to the sector he had once shunned as the greatest perpetrator of social injustice: for-profit business. So began Adelante.

Speaking in:

Tuesday Jan 14
12:00 - 12:30 PM
Shyft Stage, Level 4
How do organizations stay relevant to their stakeholders in an age of rapid change? Can traditional business structures and strategies provide the ability to innovate, react and, better anticipate stakeholder interests? This session explores how... Read more