Peter Evans

Peter Evans
Peter Evans
Chief Strategy Officer
McFadyen Digital
Dr. Peter Evans is McFadyen Digital’s Chief Strategy Officer and brings over 20 years of experience leading teams in identifying, framing, assessing, and communicating high-priority marketplace trends and disruptions that support business planning and investment prioritization. He has specialized in helping companies see around corners, anticipate key market trends, and craft thought leadership that framed major multi-year growth initiatives. Peter is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an International Academy of Management Fellow

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January 15
3:15 pm3:45 pm
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 4

The dawning of Web3 brings many exciting possibilities for retailers to further engage with customers and drive scalable profit. But do new innovations such as the Metaverse, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, AI (i.e., ChatGPT) and digital goods marketplaces new channels to growth and customer engagement or high-risk ventures with uncertain returns? 

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