Pedro Ramos

Pedro Ramos
Pedro Ramos
Appriss Retail
Pedro Ramos is the chief revenue officer for Appriss Retail. With more than two decades of experience in fraud and loss prevention, he holds a vast knowledge of the retail space and experience managing revenue-generating organizations. Pedro oversees customer growth and retention, including sales, customer success, and marketing. Prior to joining Appriss Retail, Pedro spent much of his career as the assistant vice president of loss prevention at Pathmark Stores before gravitating towards loss prevention technology in 2008. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Kean University.

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January 16
9:15 am9:45 am
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 3
Return fraud and abuse has been growing for years and now retailers are dealing with “friendly fraud” and outright fraud and abuse in their claims and appeasement areas. Simple rule-based controls don’t take into account total customer value and often punish the best customers - and fraudsters are experts in getting around rules! Learn how major retailers are now using AI to customize the… Read more