Paul Maguire

Paul Maguire
Paul Maguire
Global Head of Retail Delivery
Paul Maguire, Global Head of Retail Delivery for Endava, has a 15+ year background in client-side retail, having worked for Europe’s largest home improvement group, a global beauty brand, and a world-famous department store before joining Endava. He has a deep understanding of general retail, specialising in the full end-to-end of omnichannel retail, from website and store transactions to fulfilment and customer service.

Speaking in:

January 14
4:00 pm4:30 pm
Expo, Level 1, Expo Stage 2

In this session we highlight the crucial role of cybersecurity in adopting artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for customer retention. Learn how to enhance the overall customer experience, become more operationally resilient, and foster customer loyalty with Cloud and AI.